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The What

Integrative Mental Health and Primary Care

It is not always easy to find a provider who listens to and truly sees you. With an emphasis on compassion, safety, and authenticity, Dr. Pace hopes to break down barriers to high quality physical and mental health care. By looking at your care through a trauma-informed, weight neutral lens, she aims to infuse your treatment plan with individualized recommendations that honor your life experience. 


The How

Modalities Used

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Botanical Medicine

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Sleep Support

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Pharmaceutical Medication Initiation and Management

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Clinical Nutrition

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Mental Health Counseling

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Joyful Movement


The Who

Martha Pace, ND


Dr. Martha Pace is a licensed naturopathic physician in the state of Oregon. Dr. Pace received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. Much of Dr. Pace’s clinical experience has focused on complex mental health conditions, LGBTQIA+ care and gender-affirming hormone therapy, hormone balancing, substance use and recovery, cardiometabolic conditions, eating disorder medical management, sexual/reproductive health, and evidence-based primary and acute care from a Health At Every Size® perspective. 

Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Pace received her Bachelor's degree in Spanish from SUNY University at Buffalo. Outside of the clinic, you can find Dr. Pace spending time with her dog Tootsie, hiking in one of Portland's many urban parks, and exploring new recipes and restaurants with her partner.

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The Where

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